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Welcome to The Police Rehabilitation Centre, Flint House

Welcome to Flint House

August 7th 2018 .The Police Rehabilitation Centre (Flint House) – Cessation of 12 Month Rule. The Board of Trustees of the Police Rehabilitation Centre (Flint House ) have agreed, that with immediate effect, officers who donate to Flint House with a declared pre-existing condition will not have to wait 12 months to receive treatment.

The Board recognised that the 12 month rule is a potential hurdle to timely treatment for both physical and mental health conditions and that Flint House needed to evolve to meet the needs of those officers who require support. 

With immediate effect Officers have a choice of how to undertake their charitable donation to The Police Rehabilitation Centre, Flint House. It can either be through your own  force donation route via payroll or you may donate directly to the Charity by Direct Debit.

If you wish to Donate via payroll giving you will need to contact the relevant office or person in force.

If you wish to donate directly to The Police Rehabilitation Centre follow this link; Flint House Donation