• Can my family access treatment? No. Our services are only for servicing police officers who sign up to Flint House.


  • Why is the Direct Debit amount of £7.37 different to the amount taken from payroll? All donations are processed differently force by force.  Regardless of how you choose to donate, Flint House only receive £7.37 of your donation.


  • Can I attend Physio & Mental Health treatment at same time? No.  The two are separate and comprehensive programmes. Should you have a need for both physical and Mental Health treatment, please discuss this further with the clinical team who will be able to help you prioritise your treatment.  As part of the Physio treatment programme,  patients have access to wellbeing classes.


  • I’m Police staff, can I join?  No. The purpose of our charity is to help serving police officers.  Those who are eligible to sign up are listed on our home page. 


  • Am I allowed visitors, can they use facilities? Visitors are welcome on site, however, this should not impact on your treatment and you must accompany your guests at all times.  No overnight guests are permitted and all visitors will be required to sign in/out.  Due to the nature of the treatment centre, it is not a suitable environment for children.


  • Can I bring my dog? Disability dogs, registered therapy dogs, guide dogs and assisted dogs only.


  •  I’m a retired officer, can I attend?  Yes, for physio treatment.  Please refer to the retired officer admissions form for our eligibility criteria, or email us at reception@policerehab.co.uk


  • I’m a retired officer, can I have Mental Health treatment? No, but if you are here for physical treatment you can have access to our Health and Wellbeing classes.  Our Mental Health programme is tailored in order to support serving officers.


  • Do I have to pay for anything during my stay? Three meals a day are provided as part of your stay.  Complimentary tea and coffee are included, as is free parking. We also have a fully stocked bar, but this is not complimentary.


You can start paying in just £7.37 a month to sign up and be elligble to attend Flint House.

Application forms

Follow the link below for your application form and information on attending. The treatment programmes for both physiotherapy and mental health support are comprehensive. We are only able to provide treatment for either of these on one visit, not both. Therefore no dual applications should be submitted please.

In response to feedback where some GPs are charging patients to have their forms signed we have now produced a letter for you to give your doctor to use to accompany your application.

GP Letter download

It is vital that all officers check with their force on the correct process for handling applications to attend Flint House. Each force will have its own individual procedures for processing an officer’s attendance to the Centre that will need to be complied with. (please ensure you use ONLY this form for your application and that all pages are completed)

Warranted Officers, BTP, NCA, PCSO, DDO, CNC, Specials, MOD, Ports.

By consent of the Board of Trustees the following Police Personnel: Warranted Officers, Special Constables, Police Community Support Officers, Designated Detention Officers (employed directly by the Chief Constable or Police & Crime Commissioner), BTP, MOD (DfP), CNC, NCA, Ports and Channel Island, officers are able to donate to The Police Rehabilitation Centre and access the Centre for rehabilitation following illness or injury.

The admission criteria is identical for all personnel eligible to attend.

If you are a Home Office Warranted full time officer holding the Office of Constable you may donate either via your force payroll, for which you will need to obtain the requisite sign-up form for your particular force, or, you may sign up direct to Flint House using Direct Debit which can be accessed the link below. You will need to download the form to complete it, to either scan and email back to us or return it completed to the address lower down this page.

It financially assists the centre greatly if you chose the direct debit option as we can then claim the Gift Aid from HMRC which yields a further 25% of the donation.

Charitable Donation for all other classification of officers can only be undertaken by direct debit.

Return the completed Direct Debit Form to Flint House via email to accounts@policerehab.co.uk

The Police Rehabilitation Centre, Flint House is an Incorporated by Articles of Association charity originally established in Brighton in 1890 and will celebrated 130 years of assisting Police Officers on March 17th 2020.

Charity Nos 1146913

Thank you for agreeing to support us, and your fellow officers. We are here for you should you ever need us.