Flint House has treated over 15,000 police officers, both retired and serving, since its opening in 1988. Grab a cuppa, and watch some of these fantastic testimonials. 

If you’re not paying into Flint House, why aren’t you? It’s not just a security policy for yourself if you need it due to any kind of injury on or off duty, but it’s also there to support colleagues.

On the 10th June I was just starting a night shift and we were just joining the M1 southbound to help with another collision. Our vehicle left the road and collided with a tree….

PC Ben Gates

Bedfordshire Police

I wouldn’t stop paying for it, I’d be willing to pay more for it. You don’t know if you’re going to get injured at work and actually if there’s somewhere you can go to go and get that treated why wouldn’t you pay into it.

When I went to Flint House I was only 28 years old and the injury was a result of running. I’d had surgery for patellar tendonitis on my knee…

DC Jo Fincham

Suffolk Constabulary

I’m a proud polie officer, and I’m also a proud roller derby player. Unfortunately back in 2019 I suffered a trimalleolar fracture to my left ankle. I wasn’t able to weight bare at all. I spent many weeks in a wheelchair.

It was soul destroying because it was a life changing injury. I’d gone to being a fit police officer to not being to look after my children.

One of the savours was definitely Flint House…

Det Sgt Joanne Corbyn

Bedfordshire Police

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You can start paying in just £7.37 a month to sign up and be elligble to attend Flint House.