We operate a well-proven model of physical rehabilitation. Patients who have signed-up benefit from world class treatment focussing on maximising their potential outcomes of improved health and fitness. Our aim is to offer effective rehabilitation, that will result in improved outcomes and quality of life. What’s our promise to you? We guarantee that, as a police officer, you will have access to the professional support, advice and intervention you need in order to achieve your personal rehabilitation goals. And in addition, maximise your independence and exercise control over your life.
Flint House has a patient-centred approach which allows us to achieve the outcome measures we see.  Everyone’s rehabilitation journey is unique, and every patient requires an individualised approach to their rehabilitation.
The treatment process involves an initial clinical assessment by one of our team, which is then followed by an agreed treatment plan. This typically includes physiotherapy sessions, rehabilitation exercise classes, education and a gym programme.  We are also able to offer additional treatments, such as hydrotherapy in our worldclass pool area, and one-to-one rehab sessions. We treat a variety of musculoskeletal, neurological, surgical and medical conditions.  We also have physiotherapists with specialist training to work with anyone following a diagnosis of cancer. This is suitable for those currently undergoing treatment, those who have completed treatment and those that are living with the disease.