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Charity No: 1146913
A professional HealthCare Provider specialising in the treatment of police officers


PhysioThe rehabilitation facility at Flint House comprises a well-equipped, open plan physiotherapy department, three gymnasiums (two in which group classes are held and another containing exercise machines and equipment), a hydrotherapy pool, a 12.5 metre swimming pool, and a spa bath.  The rehabilitation team consists of 17 experienced and chartered physiotherapists, 4 rehabilitation therapists and 2 physiotherapy assistants.

The majority of patients attending Flint House present with orthopaedic and musculoskeletal conditions however patients with neurological and other medical conditions are also routinely treated. The following link provides a list of commonly treated conditions but is by no means intended to be an exhaustive list.

On the day of admission to Flint House a patient referred for physiotherapy will have a full assessment by their allocated physiotherapist which involves taking a thorough case history followed by a physical examination using evidence-based assessment tools.  Following the initial assessment and based upon discussion between the therapist and officer, mutually agreed rehabilitation goals and individually tailored treatment plans are set. patients may receive daily physiotherapy, dependent on need, and have the opportunity to participate in daily rehabilitation classes and hydrotherapy sessions as deemed appropriate by their physiotherapist.

All patients have the opportunity to attend Back School which is a weekly talk presented by a physiotherapist and intended to provide informative and practical advice on the management of low back and neck pain. 

As physiotherapists our aim is to manage a patients current symptoms, identify and address the cause of these symptoms and educate them on their condition to reduce the risk of recurrence in the future.  The emphasis is placed on patients to undertake their own rehabilitation and exercise, with guidance on progression of exercise provided by the therapists and the opportunity for patients to build confidence whilst recovering from their injury in a supervised environment.

The physiotherapy department is run by a dedicated team of professionals and aims to provide a modern and dynamic service offering advice and evidence-based treatment of the highest quality. 

 Please Note: The Police Rehabilitation Centre is not licenced to provide or prescribe medication. Please ensure that, if you require analgesia (pain relief medication), homely remedies or prescription only medication, you bring your medication with you.