Our nurses are a fundamental cog in the Police Rehabilitation Centre’s wheel! Here’s what our Lead Nurse Gail Rainsden has to say: ‘Flint House is a “fantastic place”, where the staff “love police officers, we hold them in high regard, and we offer a quality of service that they just wouldn’t find anywhere else. Officers are able to come into what looks like a country house hotel in the most beautiful grounds, with acres of trees and woodland and open areas where you’re looked after. We’re like a big family and everybody is very, very friendly.’



 Gail joined Flint House 18 years ago and has been Lead Nurse since 2016. She began her career in 1985 in NHS intensive care, before becoming a nurse in the army for eight years. She notes her army background as informing much of her work at Flint House, ‘There’s an element of understanding how important physical fitness is to the job that officers do, and the fact that physical fitness can help with mental toughness, because you’ve got to be mentally tough to push yourself through any pain barrier.’



 ‘The nurses at Flint House are involved with officers every step of the way, says Gail. ‘We see every physiotherapy application that comes in on the computer. We look at what people are coming in with, their medication, their age, any disabilities and any allergies. We’ll look after people with disabilities, to make sure that we give appropriate care while they’re here so that they can get down to the physio department. We help people with psychological problems as well, so if we see somebody who is coming here for physio but they are on antidepressants, we’ll phone them and we’ll make sure that they’re in the right place to come here for treatment.’