We’d like to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas and an exceptionally joyous 2022. Thank you to all those who continue to donate and fundraise – by doing so we can continue to #HelpAndHeal police officers with our world class rehabilitation and mental health treatment #130yearslater

This year we are focusing our festive feels on our first ever Charity Christmas Card, which is available to patients on-site at Flint House (we promise next year we’ll make them available online) for a donation.

The inspiration for this card is PC Basil Butcher 793 a.k.a Alan Refson (1950 – 2020) who sketched this portraiture of Flint House during one of his stays. This artwork was gifted to Flint House by Alan and his wife, Fiona.

Alan sadly passed away in 2020, and his widow Fiona has kindly given Flint House a legacy donation. We caught up with Fiona to talk about her husband, Alan.

‘I am quite thrilled and overwhelmed by the idea of my Alan’s drawing of Flint House being your choice of Christmas card. Alan attended Flint House on several occasions whilst serving and also when he retired. He joined Dorset as a cadet at the age of 16 and later the force in 1967, retiring in 2004.

Here is a photo of  ‘us’ when we became engaged just to put a face to the man. His roles included being a PCO for the town of Blandford Forum, working in Lyme Regis, Wareham Bournemouth, Shaftesbury and finally the town of Gillingham. He was often seen on his bicycle talking with his local community as well as teaching stranger-danger in the surrounding schools.

Alan spent many weeks up in Yorkshire during the Miners’ Strike and found the physiotherapist skills in Flint House enabled him to return to front line duty after the weight of the riot shields caused several officers health issues.  

As a PSU officer, he was caught up in the infamous Leeds/ Bournemouth football match in March 1990  where 104 officers were seriously injured. 

Thank you all for your enthusiastic support of my husband, it certainly keeps his memory alive and Flint House enabled his recovery on so many occasions and I will thank you forever. 

Warm wishes, Fiona x’