‘Take note of your mental health’

Over the next few weeks, our mental health team will be out on the road in an Oscar Kilo Wellbeing Van, visiting police forces in the following areas: 

  • 29th NOV | HEATHROW
  • 30th NOV | BEDFORDSHIRE (without the Oscar Kilo van) 
  • More dates tbc.


We want to build strong relationships with your police officers – and we believe that starts by meeting these police officers in person. For the most part, police officers come to us at Flint House when they need us – but sometimes, by not getting out there as much as we’d like, we can feel out of touch with day-to-day policing. We know the stigma that surrounds the subject of mental health. We also know that for officers sometimes just asking for help can be problematic. So, we’re reaching out to you first. 

In doing so, we hope we can fully explain what we offer in terms of mental health support; and also physical rehabilitation. We hope to spread our #HelpAndHeal message; give you up-to-date information and also, we really want to dispel any myths you may have heard about attending Flint House. We’ll start by busting Myth 01 = you do NOT have to be ‘broken’ to apply. 


Simple. We want to show you that we are here for you. According to a report by the University of Cambridge, close to 1 in 5 police officers have symptoms consistent with *PTSD. Yet, we know that studies have also shown a correlation with the development of PTSD and avoidance behaviours. In other words, the more one tries not to think about a traumatic event , the more likely it is to become PTSD. Our roadshow is our way of showing our support, and also a way of raising awareness of the mental health support programme we run at Flint House (a place where police officers can talk with like-minded people in a safe welcoming environment). 

We recognise that having trust in the people that offer help is paramount. Visiting you, seeing us face-to-face, chatting over a cup of tea – this is what starts that process.


The OSCAR KILO WELLBEING OUTREACH SERVICE for the loan of their bespoke van for our roadshow. These vans are used across England and Wales, providing a platform to deliver physical, psychological and financial health checks to officers and staff. From research and feedback, Oscar Kilo discovered that officers and staff often do not feel they have the time in their day to seek advice or support for their own wellbeing, so these vans provide a way for forces to make sure staff know about the services that are available to them. At Flint House we are very happy to promote the work of Oscar Kilo. They have an amazing amount of information about wellbeing, and also information about how officers can access help and support. 

Recently Holly, an Oscar Kilo K9 Trauma Support and Wellbeing dog (and her dad, Paul Roe), came to stay at Flint House. It was groundbreaking for us, and after learning more about these superb therapy dogs and witnessing Holly with our patients, we decided that ‘Holly-dog’ should join our ever-growing Official Flint House Ambassador hall of fame. 

* we offer support for depression and anxiety, and do not treat PTSD. However, we can signpost so those who need it can get help.