The Flint House Jackpot Lottery scheme enables us to raise funds, but also offers participants the chance to win monthly cash prizes! 

To participate in the lottery, you need to pay in just £1 per month for each entry. You’ll then be allocated with a five digit lottery number for each entry you wish to make.

All you need do is complete the form below! Either download and print off if paying by cheque – post it to us with the freepost address on the form.

OR go on-line for paperless entry with your bank details for set up via Direct Debit. 

If you prefer to have a hard copy leaflet sent out direct to you please contact us on 0870 0340 076 with your address details.

Full terms and conditions can be found here. Our policy on responsible gambling can be found here.

Lottery Entry Form


A big Congratulations to our 2021 Lottery winners:

NOVEMBER: Moira Cocks, Carl Scully. Robert Chalmers, Jeremy Hinks, Jane Harris. 

OCTOBER: Colin Stockwell, Kenneth Follett, Nick Walter, Isamara Mendonca

SEPTEMBER: Bruce Lister, Darren Smith, Belinda Baron, Elsie Hunt, Andrea Pinnick, Dennis Skelton

AUGUST:  Ray Williams, Theresa Cottingham, Richard Burkmar, Neil Blanchard, Andrew Pope

JULY: Mr Bernard Lund, Mr Shane Schucroft, Miss Jennifer Thorpe, Miss Hannah Wheatley, Mr Philip Beach, Mrs Amanda Conn, Mr Chris Glasspool

JUNE: Mr Gavin Meikle, Mrs Lisa Sears, Miss Samantha Nedd, Mr Martin France, Mr Peter Wood, Mr Daniel Morris, Mr Nick Starling.

MAY: Mr Peter Wood, Mr Sam Marko, Mr Simon Gibbs, Mr Michael Hanson, Mr Steven Parks, Miss Rhianna Connor, Miss Catherine Steer.

APRIL: Mr Michael Keeler, Mr Ben Harper, Miss Karen Eva, Mr Anthony Forward.

Flint House are pleased to say that the lottery has continued without interruption from the Coronavirus pandemic restrictions and will continue to do so.

Since it’s inception the lottery has funded the Centre with over £800,000 and prize payouts of over £180,00 made.