If you are looking at entry into the London marathon in October 2021 and haven’t decided which charity you might wish to support, would you consider raising funds for us?

Looking at who holds bonds and charity ballot places there seems to be just small handful of Emergency Services listed and only one direct Police Charity (not Flint House unfortunately) among the hundreds listed. The 2021 race ballot which ended on Friday 9 October 2020 gave people without places a chance of entry. The 2021 ballot results will be announced in early January 2021.

If you do get a place would be prepared to run for us and raise funds? We would be incredibly grateful and more than happy to assist with setting up a funding page and supplying you with water bottles and logo tee shirts. We would come and cheer you on as well!

All the information can be found on the Virgin site at:
or give us a call on 01491 874499