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A professional HealthCare Provider specialising in the treatment of police officers

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As we enter 5th week of Lockdown.. Physio Videos

Stand by your exercise Mat.. Its Monday April 27th and we enter our official 5th week of advised closure..


As long as lockdown continues we will be here with Mark contiuing to braodcast from home his exercise sessions you can do to help your condition should you have one...or if you just want to keep fit. #Rehabitwhatwedo @FlintHousephys @Pol_Charity_UK @PFEW_HQ

Wekk Comm 27th April Physio schedule

Carry on Exercising out there say Physios

No, we havent relocated! Just temporarily relocated my keyboard and files!!

The Centre maybe be closed but our Physios are not letting you off the hook folks, we still want you to keep going with your exercises
Just uploaded a shiny new video onto Youtube, have a look and don't forget to subscribe it really helps support us in supporting you! #RehabItsWhatWeDo #thinblueline


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Physio Exercise Videos Commence March 31st

Here it is folks, lower body exercise it is then! Commencing from 31st March Flint House Physios are looking to host a live session every 3 days. Live link with our Physio team for any questions and interaction.

Go to our Twitter feed  @FlintHousephys or @FlintHouserehab for regular updates and time notifications or dip into our Facebook page for information.

All the sessions are archived and can be viewed retrospectively.  https://www.youtube.com/flinthouserehab

 We look forward to seeing you get onto Youtube and also please do click the subscribe button so we can build our fan base. Keep safe out (and fit) there #Rehabitswhatwedo

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The "Repeat Debator" Repeats again!!!!

Aaaaaannnnddd!!!! Once more we welcome back James Sarson for a third time with another of his hardworked for cheques to support Flint House. Taking his motivational speaking around the London area James is turning into a prolific speaker which means prolific cheques for the Centre. Go James and thank you once more.....James (left of picture) with Ian Barron our Physio Manager.


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