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A professional HealthCare Provider specialising in the treatment of police officers

Welcome to Sophia Majaya as new Flint House Clinical Director

Welcome to Sophia Majaya as new Flint House Clinical Director

As of March 9th 2018 Sophia Majaya is welcomed formally as Clinical Director at The Police Rehabilitation Centre, Flint House  

As Clinical Director Sophia will be responsible for Physical Rehabilitation, Nursing and Psychological Services. Sophia joined Flint House in  January 2018 as Clinical Director "designate" working alongside the soon to retire then Clinical director, David Flint, bringing 19 years experience in Mental Health care with a background and dual registration in Children’s and Mental Health nursing. In her last role she ran an inpatient CAMHS service where she held the responsibility of operational running, clinical management and CQC registration.

Sophia is committed to maintaining high standards of care throughout the centre. Her aim is to have high expectations and aspirations for each patient accessing Flint House with a positive experience being at the heart of our focus.

Flint House welcomes Sophia with open arms into the staff and managment family that is the cornerstone of the Centre's care of Police officers and personnel. 

Sophia Majaya