The Board of Trustees and CEO Tom MCAuslin are pleased to announce that Flint House is now in a position to admit patients for physiotherapy (in much reduced numbers) from Monday 7 September. Due to the interactive nature of our mental health programme we will not be able to offer this residentially for the time being.

The staff at Flint House have been working hard to ensure that when we can admit patients for treatment it is safe to do so. This has been challenging due to the Centre’s obligations to comply with the guidelines across the various sectors; hotel and catering, bars and pubs, gymnasiums and healthcare simultaneously whilst accommodating patient officers from a wide geographical area.

Flint House will only be able to offer residential Physiotherapy treatment to those patients who have completed the remote consultations with us. Their clinical team will then assess the benefits of a 5 day residential stay assuming that they are eligible after strict COVID risk assessments.

Patients will be contacted directly by the Centre. Initially the numbers will be small with a view to expanding within the limits of safe social distancing. Stringent pre-admission protocols and daily screening regimes are being developed to ensure the safety of all patients and staff.    

For those who require our services please apply in the normal way on our attending page.