When we launched our Flint House Physio YouTube channel in November 2019, little did we know lockdown was lurking just around the corner. The initial idea for YouTube, pre-lockdown, was for us to have an exercise library for patients to use once they had finished their stay here at Flint House. Our aim was 150 videos in the first 12 months, filming about one or two a month.

And then came lockdown. As with all businesses, charities and individuals, it was time to look at different ways of keeping things going. It was (and still is) SO important for us to continue treating the police officers who pay in to Flint House, after all, they were (and still are) out there doing their jobs.

Once the initial lockdown started the rehab team started doing Live At Home rehab sessions, three times a week (from their homes, as the name suggests). Kicking off on 22nd May with a Spinal Class, followed by Lower Limb and Upper Limbs Sessions for 6 weeks. For those of you who took part, you may have noticed various ‘extras’ on screen – namely two cats and a sausage dog.

Fast forward to today, and our YouTube channel has had a total of 40.5k views. That’s 2.8k hours of watch time! And we have 1,000 channel subscribers.

“Big up to the team”, says Ian Barron, Head of Physiotherapy. “Since Covid, the team have been flexible and adaptable with this new way of treating people. We may have only 20 officers on site currently, but we are treating 375 virtually, and have managed to discharge 250 who have not even visited us on site.”

Our YouTube channel now has over 250 videos you can watch, and more are being added every day. Playlists include: Therapeutic Yoga, Pilates, Joint Specific Rehab, Follow Along Classes, and more…

We have even expanded our remit to include educational videos on topics such as health, ‘how to make your own home weights’, and ‘how to’ videos for some of the most used exercises. We would welcome all of the #flinthousefamily to take a look at the YouTube channel and subscribe. If we hit 4k hours of watch time we will even start receiving monetary donations from the channel, so we can #helpandheal even more.

Get a taste of what it’s all about here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmhOpII8G4yCSTRPz41_imw