The job of a police officer can often be physically demanding. How do you ensure you are both physically fit and strong enough to cope with it?

For the POLICE FEDERATION ‘BACK TO BASICS’ campaign Flint House would like to address back pain, and the prevention of it. We can’t categorically say that body armour directly causes back pain, because we have no statistics that reflect this. However, we do agree that body armour could be one of the many factors of back pain due to its heavy nature.

A regular exercise plan can help maintain your fitness and job performance. The following 3 videos (and additional info pack) are certainly worth a glance. So… take off your body armour, make a cuppa, and get comfortable as we go ‘BACK TO BASICS’.

Video 1 | In this video, Flint House Physiotherapist Lorna discusses the requirements of a police officer, benefits of exercise, anatomy of the back, posture, how to wear your body armour and common mistakes.

Video 2 | In this video, Flint House Rehabilitation Therapist Ronan discusses how to develop a strength and conditioning routine, and looks at injury reduction.

Video 3 | In this video, Flint House Rehabilitation Therapist Mark demonstrates useful exercises to increase core strength and prevent injury. These exercises are suitable for officers of all fitness levels.

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