An Essex Police officer has praised Flint House for helping him recover from a foot injury and compete in high-level triathlons – after originally being told he wouldn’t be able to ever run again.

Ch Insp Leigh Norris was at the beach in July 2018 with his family when he jumped off a wall into water that wasn’t deep enough, seriously injuring his foot. He broke four out of five metatarsals and his cuboid bone and had to have surgery within the following few days owing to the severity of the injury. The surgeon told him it was one of the worst foot breaks he’d ever seen, that he’d be lucky to walk properly again and most likely wouldn’t be able to run again. Leigh spent over three months on crutches and wearing a support boot, then went to stay at Flint House in November 2018.

Leigh stayed at Flint House for two weeks and said he would recommend it “for a whole range of things: the facilities, the staff, the level of expertise there, the location, the like-minded officers… I can’t speak highly enough of the place.”

He continued: “I couldn’t walk properly at all, I was struggling to put any real weight on my foot. But going to Flint House was brilliant and absolutely helped no end. “I went through a bunch of different exercises, physio and hydrotherapy, did a number of classes on strength and balance and started using the anti-gravity treadmills, where you’re supported with an airbag around you. “It was brilliant because I’ve always been really active, I did triathlon running and played football, and that summer was really difficult because I just couldn’t get around, struggling on crutches.”

By early 2019 Leigh was able to walk a lot more and started some slow running, and that April he took part in his first race. He’s now improved so much that he says he’s quicker than ever.  

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Leigh is running the 2022 Marathon Des Sables in the Moroccan Sahara in aid of Scope Disability charity. What an amazing recovery! #HelpAndHeal