Tasty food produced on site by our dedicated catering team.

The relationship between what you eat and how you feel is key to healthy living. Having the knowedge to know what foods you should and shouldn’t eat can sometimes be really baffling. We can help make things a little clearer. 

Improving your diet and the understanding you have of your food is all part of the rehabilitation process. We look at all areas.  From patients who wish to address their diet and weight issues; to the role nutrition plays as ‘fuel’ to support the body’s healing process.

We take the role food plays on mood very seriously, recognising that often it’s difficult to eat reguarily while working shifts. However, a drop in blood sugar will leave you feeling tired and irritable. We are happy to offer advice, for example, on choosing foods that release energy slowly to keep those sugar levels balanced.

Here at Flint House we provide our guests with three high quality meals every day – using fresh and locally sourced ingredients, wherever possible. Menu options include vegetarian and vegan dishes. 

We are here to keep you healthy, but we also recognise that having a meal prepared for you is a bit of a treat. So above all else, we want you to enjoy it.