The daughter of a retired Detective Constable who died recently has raised thousands of pounds for Flint House, and is holding another fundraising event this weekend.Trevor Fulton was a Thames Valley Police officer for over 30 years and worked on major cases as a Detective, including when the Enigma machine got stolen from Bletchley Park. While in the force he visited Flint House for help with knee injuries. At his funeral in October, his daughter Lizzie Sentance requested donations to Flint House, and has raised over £3,500 so far.

Lizzie said: “Flint House was amazing and my dad always talked about the support he got there. I feel like the police are a real community, and giving back to that community is what my dad would have wanted.

”She continued: “The police are modern-day heroes, and it’s important to make sure they’re healthy and well. Officers experience such extreme environments on a daily basis and see things the rest of us don’t see.

”Lizzie is singing with her band at The Prince of Wales pub in Marlow at 4pm this Sunday 12 December, hoping to raise more funds for Flint House. She said her dad was the reason she became a singer: “He would always drive me to my gigs, and we used to stay up listening to music together. Music was so important to him. I wanted to do something that would make him proud, but also raise money for something he was passionate about.”Donations can be made here: