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Winter Infections Advice to Patients

Winter Infections Advice to Patients

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Influenza and the ‘winter vomiting bug’ (Norovirus) are common causes of infection especially prevalent at this time of year.

Flint House has a Duty of Care to every patient that comes for treatment. In order to prevent communicable diseases from spreading, we urge you to stay at home if you feel unwell in the days preceding your admission date. Inform the Centre and we will look to rebook your admission at a convenient time.

Flint House Infection control policy dictates that, if you become unwell during your stay at Flint House you will be isolated in your room for 48 hours after symptoms have stopped (diarrhoea, vomiting or fever). If you bring active infection to the Centre there are serious implications to the Centre as a whole, you will be putting many (up to 140 of your fellow police officers) at risk as well as the Flint House staff.

Be sensible – keep your germs to yourself!