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APPI Ante and Post Natal Pilates at Flint House

This weekend Flint House ran an APPI Ante and Post Natal Pilates course hosted by Rehabilitation Therapist Vicky. Our very own senior physiotherapist Caroline presented the course with 12 external participants and 4 staff members attending. The course was a great success and received fantastic feedback from all involved.


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Hants JJB Chair - John Apter Visit

Flint House today welcomed John Apter to Flint House. A staunch supporter of the Centre and passionate advocate to Hampshire officers of what the Centre does and can do for them in times of injury and impairment. 
Also he brought us a cheque as our share of the funds raised at the Hampshire charity dinner in late 2017.

We thank you all who donated. #Rehabitswhatwedo Hampshire Police Federation

Pic: John Apter (L), Gail Rainsden - Health & Wellbeing Lead (centre), Tom McAuslin CEO (R)

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Winter Infections Advice to Patients

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Influenza and the ‘winter vomiting bug’ (Norovirus) are common causes of infection especially prevalent at this time of year.

Flint House has a Duty of Care to every patient that comes for treatment. In order to prevent communicable diseases from spreading, we urge you to stay at home if you feel unwell in the days preceding your admission date. Inform the Centre and we will look to rebook your admission at a convenient time.

Flint House Infection control policy dictates that, if you become unwell during your stay at Flint House you will be isolated in your room for 48 hours after symptoms have stopped (diarrhoea, vomiting or fever). If you bring active infection to the Centre there are serious implications to the Centre as a whole, you will be putting many (up to 140 of your fellow police officers) at risk as well as the Flint House staff.

Be sensible – keep your germs to yourself!

Browning Room Opens at TVP Police Station in Reading

Flint House staff send a sincere thanks to TVP for inviting FH representatives to todays opening of The Browning Room. Set up by popular demand after surveying officers what they would envision as a place to just relax in at break times it was agreed to convert an old and long disused control room as a breakout /drop in suite for Police officers to go, to relax, eat, chill and to talk in comfort and security. Designed to make Reading a happier and healthier place for Officers to work.

The Suite is named in honour and memory of Thames Valley Police officer Gareth Browning. Gareth was patrol in Whitley, Reading, in November 2013 when he was hit by a vehicle he was attempting to stop. He never recovered from his injuries passing away in April  2017 as a result of those injuries .

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