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West Mercia Officer raises Marathon funds for Flint House

Monday morning just got a whole lot better.! 
Richard Langton finished his London Marathon in 4-27 (ish)...Not bad at all for a stroll round London in the sun!!!! After all he was determined to enjoy the views. See here a picture of his fund raising page and what he raised. However the words of his daughter are truly inspirational and we sincerely thank him for his efforts and the poignant words from Steph....


Richards Langtons fund page

Flint House Physios finish London Marathon

Told you they were fast! Lucy 3hrs 39 and Hannah 3 hrs 21....Well done you two, AND both in work Monday April 24th treating patients. Just another Sunday jog eh!!!

Lucy (left of Picture) now has her sights centered on the Pridential 100 cycle ride in July, lets try and get some support for her

Lucy and Hannah

Same Path Different Shoes

Written by Verna Norton about her road to recovery from Breast Cancer. Verna's journey started at Flint House on December 14th 2015.

" It's no secret, I discovered breast cancer at the very early stages.A strong message for the world, honestly describing how indiscriminate and cruelly it creeps into your life and takes over.By sheer determination, I was able to nip this bugger in the bud.I share my frustrations, highs and lows and vulnerability as the patient with an insight into feelings of vulnerability and exposure.As a nation, illness can throw people together from all walks of life.I speak my mind in your language, honest, hilarious and cheeky to give you comfort, laughter and strength.Keep winning!"

Available from Amazon books and Waterstones

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London Marathon April 23rd

Police Officers can go through tough times - become injured or psychologically damaged by what they experience trying to keep their communities safe. Often abused and maligned by the press and public, they do not hesitate to put themselves in harm's way to protect others, and they really do care.

It is entirely true to say that every year Flint House picks up the pieces of thousands of damaged, traumatised and injured police officers and performs extraordinary work to expedite their return to health - and work.

Read Richard's story and how he is helping Flint House by entering the 2017 Virgin London Marathon on April 23rd.

You can support Richard abd Flint Hiuse by donating on his funding page:

safe image

BBC Radio Essex Interview

David's interview with Sadie Nine this morning on support for injured Police Officers at Flint House. Topicality was that one of the injured officers in last weeks Westminster Bridge incident returning from a commendation ceremony is from Essex. 
Could this be a spur for the public to show more support for the Everyday Heroes that are our police men & women?
Have a listen!

Sadie Nine BBC Radio Essex