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Common Conditions Treated at Flint House

Common Conditions Treated at Flint HouseLow back pain

Rheumatological conditions e.g ankylosing spondylitis, spondylosis

Post-operative spinal surgery e.g. micro discectomy, decompression, fusion or following caudal epidural and facet joint nerve blocks

Sacroiliac joint pain and pubic symphysis dysfunction

Joint replacement e.g. Birmingham hip resurfacing, total hip or knee replacement

Hip and groin pain

Knee injuries- cartilage tears, ligament injuries, patella dislocation, patella tendonopathy post-operatively following e.g. knee arthroscopy, ACL reconstruction

Ankle injuries- ligament sprain, post-op ankle arthroscopy, achilles tendonopathy, achilles rupture

Foot injuries- plantar fasciitis, forefoot pain, heel pain, post-operatively following e.g. removal of bunions

Neck pain and whiplash

Shoulder injuries- dislocation, rotator cuff tendonopathy, acromioclavicular joint injury , post operatively following e.g. subacromial decompression, anterior shoulder stabilisation, repair of labral tear

Tennis elbow

Wrist and hand injuries including fractures, tendon injuries and repairs

Neurological conditions e.g. stroke, parkinsonism, multiple sclerosis, motor neurone disease, head injury, peripheral neuropathy

This list is not exhaustive